Energy Grows Where Energy Goes

Because with every product you purchase, you support a person in need.

Awaken your LEADER within using CORE ENERGY daily, and you activate an energetic vibration of leadership and legacy throughout the WORLD!

Why we should invest in our world

When you invest in your leadership legacy and awaken the leader within you using Core Energy daily through my work, you’re vibrating positive energy throughout the world. Every product you purchase, you support a person in need.

You help me to support communities across the globe who struggle to get their basic needs met and more.

You enable me to partner with like minded organizations in support of building richer fuller life experiences of leadership and legacy for those less fortunate. So, when you work with me to change your life, you are impacting lives the world over!

I am pleased to direct a portion of MPOWERING HUMANITY to support humanitarian efforts around the globe.


The Garden of Dreams Foundation’s mission is to bring life-changing opportunities to young people in need. In partnership with MSG Entertainment and MSG Sports, we provide young people in our communities with life-changing access to educational and skills opportunities; mentoring programs, and memorable experiences that enhance their life, help share their futures and create lasting joy. All of our activities are driven by four guiding principles – Education, Inspiration, Grants and Moments of Joy. We serve young people facing illness or financial challenges, and children of uninformed personnel who have been lost or injured while serving our communities. Every dollar you give will help us shape our young people’s futures. Thank you for your support!