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Peace, Love, and Light

I am Nilajah Renee.  “I grow teachers and build leaders.” I am an entrepreneur, creative, teacher, coach, speaker, writer, humanitarian, philanthropist and an all- around energetic leader committed to helping others become the leader they’ve always known themselves to be. I am intentional about helping to build a richer fuller world of leadership and legacy one soul at a time.

my WHY

I believe that every person has the right and the responsibility to LEAD in life. My work (and this site) is dedicated to helping individuals and groups to emerge as the leaders they know themselves to be at their CORE and together with the tools and resources provided, we can build richer, fuller lives and a richer, fuller world of leadership and legacy.


Energy Grows Where Energy Goes

When you invest in your leadership legacy and awaken the leader within you using Core Energy daily through your work with me, you’re vibrating positive energy throughout the world. Every product you purchase, you support a person in need.